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The woman known as "Jack B. Badd"1, and "Kyra"2 was a runaway and convict. When the Hunter

Hunter Call Of The Wild Diamond Weight Chart Death Row Chronicles Episode 3 Dailymotion Black Velvet. A Chronicles of Riddick: Pitch Black fanfiction Prologue-New Mecca. Jack glared at him and the beast within him half purred. He had to protect her, for the safety of his sanity and the known galaxy. Jack has an older sister, Luna. She is 19 where Jack is 14. When the Hunter-Gratzner crashed landed on the pitch black planet, it was her sister that kept her safe. What happens when the crew find out about not only Jack but her sister? What do these two have to hide? Riddick/OC Jack laughed, "Who's little?" "Och'! It's go' a bite!" Cara laughed with him. "Hey this isn't a camping trip, get your gear and let's head out!" Johns snapped at us. Cara rolled her eyes, "Keep it in yo' pants' Johnny boy." They drew near him and Cara saw Riddick bending over to pick up a rope linked to some kid of sled. "Riddick!" Young Jack seemed absolutely ecstatic, hero-worship written over every inch of her androgynous face. "Riddick….." Shazza breathed his name as well, but it was cautious, unsure of how to feel. Riddick, however, seemed to ignore them all in favor of the breathing bag-of-filth he had under his makeshift blade.

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Well I've been completely obsessed with this field of fanfic since I saw Chronicles of Riddick and Pitch Black (in that order). I'm a rabid Riddick/Jack shipper (of course older Jack, not younger, shaved-head, 14 or 15-year-old Jack ), and I like Rhiana Griffith's Jack better than I like Alexa Davalos' Jack, but anyway But when the ship she is travelling on crashes on a familiar planet, she has to live through it all over again. It doesn't help that Riddick has taken an interest in her, or that Johns has his eye on her either. Can she survive her past one more time, or will it be the death of her? (All rights go to the creators of the Riddick Franchise. Jan 16, 2021 · Riddick and Johns were both ruggedly handsome, vibrant and alive in a place where everyone had seemed semi-dead for a long time. But they were also very much a couple and Vaako wasn’t going to come between that. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works

Fanfiction may seem like a way obsessive fans can fill the nostalgia that books, movies or even bands may leave people with, these reads are often very compelling and can make some serious coin. Take for instance the infamous “Fifty Shades of Grey” series — not many people know that this iconic trilogy had its start as a fanfiction.

Aug 25, 2009 · A fanfiction-relevant research survey or platform (including subreddits, discords, free fanfiction websites, and the like) more than once. Posting to the appropriate participation thread, most notably the Weekly Fic Showcase sticky, will keep the sub uncluttered and your fic on the front page for longer. Jul 22, 2017 · Aspen J. Reid, wanted for theft and murder, boards the transport with Johns the cocky bounty hunter, Imam the holy man and his three kids, Jack the runaway, Paris the arrogant entrepreneur, Sharon and Zeke the happy couple, and Riddick the escaped convict and murderer. Riddick walked up you, his glowing eyes following you like a ghost. He bent to one knee to look you in the eyes. "Me too, but I can break out anytime I want to." Riddick chuckled. You looked away from his gaze. He got up and continued sharpening his blades. "You're a animal." You hissed. "Heard that one before." Riddick said. Sammi - Pitch Black (Riddick Love Story) Action. Everyone on Furyia had a mate, the person you are going to be with forever. In Furyia there are Alpha's and Omega's. Meet Riddick's Omega mate #alpha #mates #omega #richardriddick #riddick #sammiriddick You were at a bar, drinking your problems one pint of beer at a time while keeping you're head down. You don't know who is watching you, bounty hunters or even worse, Riddick. "Hey, how about I buy you another beer." A stranger who you didn't care to identify asked. "Fuck. Off." You burped. "Come on, it's just one drink." the stranger goaded on. "If Nov 23, 2009 · Filter by character: Riddick Xander Buffy Faith Jack Willow Kyra Giles Dawn Vaako Chris Connor Brian Soren Carolyn Sendar Nierra Dom Johns Fry Cordelia Aversis Dominic Jacky Tooms Melissa Zeke Grissom Mia Spike Angel Natasha Nick Betty James Jack Aria was a normal girl whom something bad happened to. When she lets her emotions control her actions, she finds herself in a situation that's less than fortunate. In an attempt to escape, she runs into none other then Eyeless Jack.

The woman known as "Jack B. Badd"1, and "Kyra"2 was a runaway and convict. When the Hunter

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